Unless we have had specialized job training, most of us have a difficult time working effectively in teams. As noted in Chapter 12 of your textbook, there are many factors that limit group and team performance. Organizations will often fight these limitations with interventions designed to enhance team functioning. Often the approaches are called team building, although other names can also be used.

Often I/O psychologists are called upon to help improve team effectiveness. Often they work for consulting firms that specialize in this service. RHR International is one such firm that provides many types of team services. Their website describes what they can do for organizations, and how they go about it.

1. For background read Chapter 12 of your textbook, paying particular attention to important group concepts, and team building.

2. Go to the links page and go to RHR International, which is under "Related Companies and Consulting Firms."

3. Find their section on team effectiveness.

4. Review the different types of services, which are targeted to different types of teams.

5. Write a report summarizing these services, noting the kinds of teams and the specific steps they take. Can you see any of the concepts or principles from the chapter here?

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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