The modern organization exists in a rapidly changing environment that requires adaptation and change. Sometimes organizations are purely reactive--making changes when external or internal factors force them to, such as responding to new laws. However, often change is carefully planned as a means of improving organizational effectiveness or maintaining competitiveness. The field of organization development is concerned with such change. It involves the use of behavioral science principles to change organizations for the better.

Organization development is a complex process that is often facilitated by an external consultant, called a change agent (see pp. 352-353 of your textbook). These change agents work for consulting firms that specialize in this sort of work. In this exercise we are going to "visit" some of these firms to learn who they are and what they do. You can find them by conducting a search with one of the web resources, such as Excite or Yahoo. Just enter "organization development." I've included links at the bottom of this page to several.

1. For background read the organizational development section of Chapter 14.

2. Visit sites for five OD consulting firms.

3. Pay attention to the backgrounds of the people, and the services that they provide.

4. Answer the following questions about all five firms combined. Note that not every site will have information about every question.

a. Who works for these firms, i.e., what are their backgrounds?

b. How much of an I/O presence is there, i.e., do these firms tend to employ I/O psychologists?

c. Who are their clients?

d. What sorts of services do they provide?

e. Summarize your impressions of these companies.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.

OD Consulting Firm Links Note: I've found that URLs to this type of small firm can change, so please let me know if a link doesn't work.

Geonexus Communications

Lorensbergs Organisations Konsulter

Oak Wood Associates.

Organizational Design, Inc.

Performance Design Group

Performance Dynamics Group

Professional Development Group

The York Consulting Team

Zalkin Training and Development


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