Chapter 4 of your textbook discussed techniques for appraising employee performance. One tool that is helpful for managers is the 360 degree appraisal, in which the manager is given feedback from a variety of perspectives--subordinates, peers, and supervisors. Often that feedback is compared to a self-assessment. This can help a person determine strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to enhance future performance.

The objective in this exercise is to learn more about this sort of assessment technique. To do this, you will visit some of the I/O consulting firms and see what they have to say about the procedure in general, and their approach in particular.

1. For background, read Chapter 4 of your textbook, paying particular attention to the material on 360-degree feedback.

2. Go to the links page and go to the section on Related Companies and Consulting Firms. Mediappraise has a good overview of what this technique is.

3. Browse the sites and see what they have to say about their version of this technique. Be careful that each one might call it something other than 360, e.g., multisource.

4. Write a report that discusses what this technique is, and its varieties across different firms.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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