Organizations have evolved rapidly in the past, and will undoubtedly continue to do so at an even quicker pace in the future. To keep pace, the modern manager must have the necessary KSAOs for the job. An area in which I/O psychologists can contribute to organizations is in helping to assure that managers are capable. One of the large I/O consulting firms, Development Dimensions International, DDI, specializes in this area, among others.

For this exercise, you should go to the DDI website and look at their description of services. They outline the skills their training addresses, which is a list of the KSAOs needed by managers.

1. For background on leadership read Chapter 13 of your text.

2. Go to the links page and go to Development Dimensions International.

3. Go to their services (Products and Solutions) and find Optimizing Your Leadership Pipeline.

4. Click on the Pipeline Approach and you will find documents that cover compentencies for different kinds of leaders. Choose one and make a list of the competency areas the training will address. Which do you think are most important for a manager?

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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