The single element that makes an organization and organization is people. Thus the selection of employees is one of the most important activities of organizations. Most large private companies, and many public agencies, use I/O consulting services for selection. The Gallup Organization is one such firm.

Gallup has developed its own approach to employee selection. Although most such efforts tend to focus on the nature of a particular job, for example, the hiring of computer programmers or nurses, the Gallup approach tends to be more comprehensive. It begins by assessing organization level objectives, in order to tie selection to overall functioning. This almost makes selection an organizational development effort (see Chapter 14 of your text).

For this assignment, you are to go to the Gallup website and explore the section where their employee selection system is discussed. Read through this material and answer the questions that follow.

1. For background, review chapters 5 and 6 of the textbook.

2.Go to the links page and go to Gallup.

3. Go to their Assessment Section and read about their selection system.

4. Answer the following questions.


1. What term does Gallup use to refer to a KSAO?

2. Briefly describe their general approach.

3. Which of the five assessment devices discussed in Chapter 5 do they use?

4. List four problems they note that result from poor selection.

5. How did Gallup validate their procedure?

6. Describe the Gallup path.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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