Most large organizations conduct surveys of employee attitudes to find out how their employees feel about their jobs. Perhaps the best known survey organization in the world is the Gallup Organization. Although well known for polls that are discussed in the media, Gallup is also a consulting company that will conduct custom-made surveys for organizations to determine how customers, employees, the public, or other groups think about virtually any issues. Each month national and international polls are released to the public. Results can be found on the internet.

For this assignment, you are to go to the Gallup website and find results of one of their workplace surveys. You can choose results from an American or nonAmerican study. Keep in mind that sometimes questions concerning work are contained in a broader study of attitudes. These studies can be particularly interesting, as they contrast feelings about work with feelings about other aspects of life.

1. For background, read the sections in Chapter 9 of your textbook on the nature of job satisfaction and how it is measured.

2.Go to the links page and go to Gallup.

3. Go to their Gallup Poll section and search both current studies and Archives.

4. Choose a topic and write a report about it. If the report is concerned with attitudes other than job satisfaction, be sure to read the section on life satisfaction in Chapter 9.

HINT: Be sure and take notes as you go, or download the information for later use.


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