Paul Spector's I/O Course (INP4004) Lecture Notes

Here you can find my lecture notes, organized by book chapter. All of my lecture notes have been put onto overheads. Although my notes follow the outline of the textbook, there is supplemental and updated information here. The version here is formatted a little differently from the overheads, but content should match. This section will be continually updated as new information becomes available and old information becomes obsolete, and I like to update things each time I teach the course myself, usually during fall semester. A date at the bottom of each page indicates the last time it was modified.

If you are one of my students, I strongly recommend that you print these notes and bring them to class. Review them before class, and take your own notes on them. Students in the past have told me that this is very helpful. It makes it easier to concentrate on what is going on in class, as you don't have to worry about writing down everything. If you miss a class, be sure to check someone's notes. I often add details in class, so don't rely entirely on what is here. In addition, you are only resonsible for what we actually cover in class plus what's in the book.

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