Practice Exam: Chapter 5, Assessment Methods

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice 3rd ed.

The best way to take this exam is to answer each question on a piece of paper, and then click the answer link at the bottom of this page to check your answers. Keep in mind that there can be several ways to phrase an answer, so if you aren't sure if your answer is correct, ask your instructor.

1. An essay exam is a _____ test and a multiple choice exam is a _____ test.

2. A test that is timed and allows barely enough time to finish is called a …?

3. A test that involves the coordination of the senses and movement is …?

4. What are the two types of tests that are used to predict counterproductive or dishonest employee behavior?

5. What is the purpose of a biographical inventory?

6. Which type of interview has been found to be most valid?

7. Which property of work samples makes them most acceptable as a selection device?

8. What is an in-basket exercise?

9. What has been the major validity problem with assessment centers?

10. A computer administered test that selects items according to a person's ability level is called…?


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