Practice Exam: Chapter 4, Performance Appraisal

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice 3rd ed.

The best way to take this exam is to answer each question on a piece of paper, and then click the answer link at the bottom of this page to check your answers. Keep in mind that there can be several ways to phrase an answer, so if you aren't sure if your answer is correct, ask your instructor.

1. What are the three major reasons for appraising employee performance?

2. Define criterion contamination, deficiency, and relevance.

3. What does it mean that criteria are dynamic?

4. What kind of criteria are accidents and productivity?

5. What is the most popular type of subjective rating form?

6. Why were behavior-focused rating forms developed?

7. An individual that serves as a model for a type of person (e.g., a movie actor) is a?

8. A supervisor who gives each subordinate the same ratings across dimensions is said to exhibit a?

9. What seems to be the most effective means of reducing rating errors?

10. List the six points of a legally defensible performance appraisal system.


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