The Collaborative International Study of Managerial Stress, CISMS is a multinational study involving efforts by a group of international researchers. Founded in 1995 by Cary L. Cooper Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), and Paul E. Spector University of South Florida, the goal of the project is to bring together job stress researchers from around to world to collect data with the same instruments in their own countries. Data can then be combined to explore country differences. The initial study targeted sources of job stress and personality in managers. It resulted in almost 2 dozen products. CISMS2 focused on work/family issues. It is headed in addition to Cooper and Spector, by Steven Poelmans, IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Tammy Allen, University of South Florida, Laurent Lapierre, University of Ottawa, Michael O'Driscoll, University of Waikato, and Juan Sanchez, Florida International University.

Bibliography of CISMS Phase 1 papers

Bibliography of CISMS Phase 2 papers

CISMS countries for both phases

CISMS Phase 1 participants

CISMS symposium at World Congress On Stress, Melbourne, 1998

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