Web Resources

The Imperial Archive
A postcolonial perspective on Britain's imperial history.

The British Empire: An Internet Gateway
List of links
to sites related to the empire, including other courses with web pages.

The British Empire
Site includes historial timeline, short essays on select topics, maps, and a few small galleries of images.  Information is organized by geographical area: India, Australia, Africa, etc. 

The British Empire and Commonwealth Museum
The homepage of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol.  Includes information of interest to researchers. 
This is a staunchly anti-imperialist site with links to poems and essays of protest.  The focus is predominantly (or exclusively) American, so it may be of less use in the context of this class.
Victorian Periodicals and the Empire
An online exhibition
Folk Music of Ireland and Scotland
Great collection of sound files, some of them empire-related.  Helpful information about each song is provided.

Hobson-Jobson, the Anglo-Indian Dictionary
An electronic version of the definitive Anglo-Indian dictionary.