Dickens Resources

Dickens in Context
These resources will allow you to investigate the key themes of Dickens's novels alongside original source material from the British Library. Literary manuscripts, newspapers, letters, workhouse menus and many more fascinating collection items will help students open up the social, cultural and political context in which Dickens was writing. 

This website includes performances by Simon Callow and discussions by Professor of English, John Mullan, filmed at the Charles Dickens Museum, London.

An overview of Charles Dickens
His life, his work, and the historical and cultural contexts in which he lived and wrote.
David Perdue's Charles Dickens page
Includes maps, general resources, and discussions of characters, themes, and other topics related to Dickens's novels.
The Dickens Page
Enormous collection of links to all things Dickensian on the web.  If it's not listed here, it may not exist.
Great Expectations on Deepbook
The site gives visitors the chance to not only read the text of a book, but to delve as deep as they want into additional content related to the text and the author.