Taking a college course requires study skills ... and some other skills as well. This website contains pages on how to succeed in and benefit from college courses, from homework and exams to how to evaluate grades and what you should get from courses.

Taking College Courses

While the central audience for these pages are students taking precalculus and calculus, they are intended for students at all levels, including high school and graduate school.


Each semester I teach two courses. I have discovered that many students coming into college --- or even worse, already in college --- do not know how to deal with courses.

I have posted a few articles about how courses work and what they are good for and all that sort of thing. They are part `how-to-get-through-college' advice and part editorial opinion. I will be posting more of this kind of stuff in the future, and also revising the postings here, so I am interested in any comments, advice, criticism, etc.: you may mail to me.

For the older sections, there are two kinds of postings. First, there is a handout, which should be printable onto a single page, suitable for class distribution (see my copyright line on my main page. This will simply give concise advice. Then there will be a longer explanatory essay.

The newer sections --- at the moment, just the homework section --- there is a single introductory page (printable in less than two pages) leading to some additional pages.

The postings are:

  • Postings on what a college education is for will be posted soon.
  • Advice for doing coursework and homework. Coursework and homework consume a lot of time in some courses, especially math courses. What homework good for? And if it is good for something, how can one get it done?
  • About precision. In addition, a more extensive essay on precision will be posted soon.
And there is a site map of this College Courses site.

Finally, I have a page of advice from former calculus students to students just beginning calculus.


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