Committees, Presentations, Media and Newspaper Articles

  1. Member of the Tampa Museum of Art Committee: Magna Graecia Exhibit, South Italy and Sicily.

  2. Pinellas County Rotary Club, invited speaker, "Frontiers of Graduate Education in the USA",Nov. 1998.

  3. AHEPA annual meeting- Orlando, Florida, invited speaker, "Supporting Hellenism at Institutions of Higher Learning", Aug. 1998.

  4. U.S. Daughters of Penelope Organization, invited speaker, "The Value of Philanthropic Contributions for University Education", Orlando, FL, Aug. 1998.

  5. Mathematical Field Day / USF, High School Teachers and Students "Challenges in Probability and Statistics", Nov. 13, 1998.

  6. Hellenic Student Association / Tampa Bay, "USA and Cyprus Relations", Oct. 9, 1998.

  7. Founder and President of the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture, AFGLC.

  8. Established at USF an annual International Educational Forum sponsored by AFGLC on various aspects of Hellenic Paedia.

  9. TV Channel 49 and Radio Station AM 1500, invited speaker, "A Strategic Academic Plan to Enhance Hellenism at the American Universities", Feb. 11, 1999.

  10. Appointed by the Florida House of Representatives, Ken Pruitt, Chair of General appropreciations committee, State of Florida, Committee on "Improvements to the Florida Retirement Systems."

  11. TV Channel 49, invited guest, "The Interdisciplinary Concept of Higher Education: Accomplish More With Less", Feb. 19, 2001.

  12. A sequence of three newspaper articles, The Hellenic Voice, Boston, Mass. Title: Promoting Hellenism Through Interdisciplinary Centers for Hellenic Studies

    • Part I. Vol. 11, #7, June 20, 2001
    • Part II. Vol. 11, #8, June 27, 2001
    • Part III. Vol. 11 #9, July 4, 2001

  13. My analysis was reported: Tampa Tribune article, Feb. 28, 2000. "Okay, Math Whizzes, You Were Wrong."

Invited Scholarly Educational Addresses

  • USF, Ninth Annual Educational Forum, Education, Business and Leadership: Modern Paradigms from the Greek Experience, CIS 1048, Feb. 26-28, 2004, Tampa, Florida.

  • USF, Eighth Annual Educational Forum, AFGLC--A Global Voice of Hellenism, CIS 1048, Feb. 27-March 1, 2003.

  • The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies: Academic Benefits, June 20, 2003.

  • National Research Foundation of Greece, The Role of the Hellenic Paedia and Hellenic Culture in the Era of Globalization, September 14-15, 2002, Athens, Greece.

  • USF, Seventh Annual Educational Forum, The AFGLC Mission and Strategy, ICS 1048, February 28-March 2, 2002, Tampa, Florida.

  • University of Delaware, Global Academic Advantages of Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies, May 13, 2002, Newark, DE.

  • USF, Sixth Annual Educational Forum, AFGLC: Focus on our Mission, ICS 1048, Tampa, Florida.

  • Moderator -- Expanding the ICHS Concept: The Role of AFGLC, AFGLC Sixth Annual Educational Forum, March 2, 2001, ICHS 1048.

  • University of Missouri-St. Louis, A Dynamic Plan for Hellenism in the 21st Century, May 2001, St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Hellenic American Union, June 26, 2001, Scientific Contributions and Hellenism in American Universities, Athens, Greece.

  • Hellenic American Union, Mathematics, Music and Hellenism in American Universities, June 6, 2000, Athens, Greece.

  • University of Pittsburgh/Foundation for Hellenic Studies, The Educational Mission and Strategies of AFGLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 11, 2000.

  • University of Rhode Island, Interdisciplinary Centers at American Universities for Hellenic Studies, Kingston, Rhode Island, November 16, 2000.

  • Zappeion Megaro, The Importance of the Establishment of the AFGLC Center in Greece: Mission-Goals and Objectives, Athens, Greece, October 11, 2000.

  • Greek-American Union, Hellenism in the West--A State of the Art Approach for Revival, Athens, Greece, July 22, 1999.

  • USF, Fifth Annual Educational Forum, AFGLC and Greek Institution: An Exciting Personal Odyssey, CIS 1048, March 10-11, 2000.

Community Outreach Program

In 1999, AFGLC established the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies (ICHS), at the University of South Florida, to promote and assist in the study and teaching of Hellenism through the many fields that define Greek civilization and culture.

We are also concerned about reaching out to the American public generally, to make everyone more aware, not only of the glories of the Greek past, but also of the contribution their friends and neighbors of Greek ancestry make to life in America every day.

To assist in this goal, we have compiled a list of speakers in the Tampa Bay area who are available to talk to schools, public and private organizations, churches, etc., on a very broad array of topics. A brochure of the speakers and suggested titles is available.

Urban Scholars Outreach Program
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Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies at USF
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