Director of Doctoral Students/ Major Professor

University of South Florida
Sl. No: Name Graduation Year Current Position
59 Dr. Chao Gao 2017 Bio- Statistician
Sanofi Pasteur
58 Dr. Muditha Devamitta- Perera 2017 Post Doctoral Fellow
Texas Tech University, TX
57 Dr. Pubudu K. Kaluarachchi 2017 Assistant Professor
University of Miami, OH
56 Dr. Sasith Rajasorria 2017 Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Miami, OH
55 Dr. Hansapani Rodrigo 2017 Assistant Professor
University of texas, Rio Grande
54 Dr. Abolfazl Saghafi 2017 Assistant Professor
University of Sciences, PA
53 Dr. Sharlene Enriquez Savery 2016 Assistant Professor
University of Belize
52 Dr. Bhikhari Tharu 2016 Assistant Professor
Spelman College
51 Doo- Young Kim 2016 Assistant Professor
Arkansas State University
50 Dr. Xing Wang 2016 University of Wisconsin
49 Dr. Taysseer Sharaf 2015 Asissntant Professor
University of Michigan Dearborn
48 Dr. Ram C. Kafle 2014 Assistant Professor
Sam Houston State Unversity, TX
47 Dr. Bong Jin- Choi 2014 University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
46 Dr. Yiu Ming Chan 2014 Florida Blue Insurance
Jacksonville, FL
45 Dr. Nana Osei Bonssu 2014 Long Island University
44 Dr. Iuliana Teodorescu 2013 University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
43 Dr. Keshav Pokhrel 2013 Assistant Professor
University of Michigan Dearborn
42 Dr. Zahra Kottabi 2012 Assistant Professor
Strayer University, Ft. Myers
41 Dr. Yong Xi 2011 Associate Professor
Ferris State University
40 Dr. Keith Hackett 2011 Director of Peace Core
39 Dr. Carlos Molinares 2011 University of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
38 Dr. Dimitrios Vovoras 2011 University of Crete
37 Dr. Chunling Cong 2010 Chief Statistician
AIG, New York
36 Dr. Armando Hoare 2008 University of South Florida
St. Petersburg Campus
35 Dr. Branko Miladinovic 2008 University of South Florida
Medical School, Tampa
34 Dr. Shou Hsing Shih 2008 University of Dubai
Arab Emirates
33 Dr. Alfred K. Mbah 2007 University of South Florida
School of Public Health, Tampa, FL
32 Dr. Gorkana Aryal 2006 Purdue University
31 Dr. Louis R. Camara 2006 Georgia State University
30 Dr. Lakshminarayan Rajaram 2006 University of South Florida
St. Petersburt, FL
29 Dr. Rebecca Wooten 2006 President
28 Dr. George Yanev 2001 University of Texas
El Paso, TX
27 Dr. Henry Roberts 2000 Chief Statistician
CDC - Atlanta, GA
26 Dr. Kejian Liu 1999 Associate Director
Celgene, NYC
25 Dr. Vincent Camara 1997 St. Leos University
Tampa, FL
24 Dr. Hongzhu Qiao 1993 CEO
Everest Soft, Inc.
23 Albert Rust, III 1979 Deceased
22 Dr. George W. Schultz 1977 Retired
21 Dr. Tuett Smith 1976 Retired
20 Dr. Ronald A. Tourgee 1978 Keene State University
Keene, NH
19 Dr. Richard L. Welch 1975 Executive
Grumman Corp.
18 Dr. Curtis Church 1979 Middle Tennessee State University
17 Dr. Steven Bean 1980 Retired
University of Central Florida
16 Dr. Christine H. Deans 1980 Mayo Clinic
15 Dr. Ina P. Howell 1977 Florida International University
Miami, FL.
14 Dr. Robert W. Jernigan 1979 American University
13 Dr. Albert D. Lies 1986 Retired
Business Executive
New York University (Polytechnic)
Sl. No: Name Graduation Year Current Position
12 Dr. Mel Applebaum 1975 Retired
11 Dr. Richard D. Accardi 1974 Deceased
AT & T
10 Dr. Dennis Kourtras 1973 International Executive Consultant
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Sl. No: Name Graduation Year Current Position
09 Dr. Frank C. Fuller, Jr. 1972 Jackson State University
Jackson, MS
08 Dr. Daniel McCollum 1972 University of Arkansas
07 Dr. Janet S. Milton 1972 Radford University
06 Dr. W. J. Padgett 1972 South Carolina University
05 Dr. Alex S. Papadopoulos 1972 North Carolina State University
04 Dr. George C. Canavos 1971 Virginia Commonwealth University
03 Dr. Sidney W. Hinkley 1971 Retired
Government Executive
02 Dr. Gene Ray Lowrimore 1971 EPA
Duke University
01 Dr. William G. Nichols 1971 University of Alabama
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