U.S. Government/Advisor, Consultant and Lecturer

Advisor, Consultant and Lecturer: United States Government

U. S. ARMY/Communication Command Center

United States Army Fort Monmouth, N.J. (more than 12 years of service): Structuring of statistical databases, stationary and non-stationary forecasting modeling, climatologically prediction processes, man-machine inter-phase models, hierarchical communication structures, contractual evaluations, statistical evaluation of communication systems, reliability modeling, short courses, among others.


United States Environmental Protection Agency-Statistical; evaluation of scientific projects, design of experiments for and specifications of pollutants including acid rain, pollution prediction models and specifications, identifying future objectives of the Agency, among others.

U.S. AIR FORCE/Washington, D.C.

United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research (10 years of service) Statistical analysis and estimation, forecasting models, ordinary and Bayesian reliability and analysis, environmental models, evaluation of scientific contracts, scientific structuring of training programs, workshops, conferences, lectures, strategic planning, communication systems, among others.


Airlie House, Airlie, Virginia: Decision Information of Tactical Command and Control, September 1976: Conference/Workshop for the four U.S. Military Services; objective- problem Identification, Enhancement of Interaction between Research and Managers, Consideration of Operations Effectiveness Measure and Stimulation of Relevant Research.

U.S. Navy/ New London, Conn. & Newport, R.I. Washington, D. C.

Weapon systems maintenance schemes; reliability analysis process, forecasting of availability of weapon systems, statistical analysis of structural data, antisubmarine warfare strategies, spectral analysis of detection schemes, seminars, among others.

NASA/ Washington, D. C. & Langley, VA.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (7 years of service) Pattern recognition schemes, sensitivity analysis of classification models, compression and decompression procedures for satellite data, nonparametric analysis of agricultural and environmental data, prediction models for satellite design schemes, system reliability, communication algorithms, educational programs, among others.

Bureau of Land Management/Washington, D. C.

Structuring of database of environmental information for the United States Gulf Coast (including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and parts of Texas), statistical modeling schemes for environmental information, and prediction analysis of species behavior, design of experiments, prediction models, statistical algorithms for data reduction, among others.

American Cancer Society/ Atlanta, Georgia

Advisor and Consultant on National Related Cancer Research Projects

Private Industry/Advisor, Consultant and Lecturer

Advisor, Consultant and Lecturer: Private Industry
  • IBM Corporation; Westchester, New York
  • American Telephone & Telegraph Company, AT&T; Morristown, NewJersey
  • Bell Laboratories; Holmdel, New Jersey
  • Ebon Research Systems; Washington, D.C.
  • Excell Corporation; Patterson, New Jersey
  • Farmland Industries, Inc.; Bartow, Florida
  • Hillsborough County; Tampa, Florida
  • M&M Mars Corporation; Hackettstown, New Jersey
  • Nabscan USA, Inc.; New York City
  • Rex Meighen & Company; Tampa, Florida
  • R.J. Reynolds Corporation; Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Johnson & Johnson; Tampa, Florida
  • Jacobs & Jacobs, P.A. / Legal; New York
  • Carlton Fields / Legal; Tampa, Florida
  • Linvatek Corporation, Largo, Florida
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