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Chloe Ramsay
Ph.D Candidate



Contact Information

Office: SCA 137
Mailbox: SCA 110
Phone: (813) 974-3839
Email: chloeramsay@mail.usf.edu


B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2014


I study how the interaction of multiple pathogens in a host (coinfection) alters the host's mortality, morbidity, pathogen load, and immune response. I use amphibians as a host and pathogens known to cause amphibian decline worldwide, including the chytrid fungus, ranavirus, parasitic nematodes, and trematodes.


Kernbach, M.*, Ramsay, C*, Rohr, J.R., Martin, L.B. 2018. Eco-immunology: past, present and future. Encyclopedia of Ecology