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Nicole Ortega, B.S.
Ph.D Student



Contact Information

Office: SCA 322
Mailbox: SCA 110
Phone: (813) 974-4694
Email: nortegace@gmail.com


B.S. Biology and B.S. Marine Sciences, Minor in Chemistry, University of Tampa, 2008


Coming soon


Cohen, J., Civitello, D., Brace, A., Feichtinger, E., Ortega, N., Richardson, J., Sauer, E., Rohr, J. 2016. Spatial scale modulates the strength of ecological processes driving disease distributions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113, E3359-E3364. (PDF+Supplement)

Ortega, N., Price, W., Campbell, T., Rohr, J. 2015. Acquired and introduced macroparasites of the invasive Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus septentrionalis. International Journal for Parasitology, 4 (3), 379-384. (PDF)

Civitello, D., Cohen, J., Fatima, H., Halstead, N., Liriano, J., McMahon, T., Ortega, N., Sauer, E., Sehgal, T., Young, S., Rohr, J. 2015. Reply to Salkeld et al.: Diversity-disease patterns are robust to study design, selection criteria, and publication bias. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, E6262. (PDF)

Civitello, D.J., Cohen, J., Fatima, H., Halstead, N.T., Liriano, J., McMahon, T.A., Ortega, C.N., Sauer, E., Sehgal, T., Young, S., Rohr, J.R. 2015. Biodiversity inhibits parasites: broad evidence for the dilution effect. Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States of America, 112, 8667-8671. (PDF)

McMahon, T.A., Sears, B.F., Venesky, M.D., Brown, J.M., Deutsch, K., Halstead, N.T., Lentz, G., Tenouri, N., Young, S., Civitello, D.J., Ortega, N., Fites, J.S., Reinert, L.K., Rollins-Smith, L.A., Raffel, T.R., Rohr, J.R. 2014. Amphibians acquire resistance to live and dead fungus overcoming fungal immunosuppression. Nature 511:224-227 (PDF, Supplementary Materials, cover photo)


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Grant (GRFP) (~$120,000)

USF Integrative Biology Travel Grant ($470)

American Society for Parasitology Conference Presentation Travel Grant ($300)

Bets won

Checked myself for pin worms

*Gave* Nate a piggy back ride

Tried to eat can of Cincinnati chili

Challenged Jason to a beer chugging contest (lost)

Drank 6 oz. of spicy mustard in 1 minute for $4