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Welcome to the Rohr Lab

Welcome to the website for the laboratory of Jason Rohr, where our mission is to improve our understanding of fundamental and applied ecology and public health.  Please use the links on the left to navigate through the site.

Winter 2016 Lab Photo

Kerri Surbaugh (Lab Manager), Samantha Rumschlag (Postdoc), Bryan McLean (Sally's husband), Leah Joyce (MS Student), Bryan Delius (PhD student), Jeremy Cohen (Postdoc), Middle: Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Sally Koerner (Postdoc), Nicole Ortega (PhD Candidate), Suzanne Young (PhD Candidate), Caroline Senay (Lab Manager), Caitlyn (Outside graduate Student helping our lab) Front: Karena Nguyen (PhD Candidate), Erin Sauer (PhD Candidate), Chloe Ramsay (PhD student), Sarah Knutie (Postdoc)

Winter 2013 Lab Photo

David Civitello (Postdoc), Neal Halstead (PhD candidate), Jeremy Cohen (PhD candidate), Taegan McMahon (Postdoc), Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Front: Erin Sauer (MS student), Suzanne Young (PhD candidate), Nicole Ortega (PhD candidate)

Fall 2013 Lab Photo

Taegan McMahon (Postdoc), David Civitello (Postdoc), Jeremy Cohen (PhD candidate), Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Brittany Sears (PhD candidate), Neal Halstead (PhD candidate), Front: Nicole Ortega (PhD candidate), Missing: Suzanne Young (PhD candidate), Erin Sauer (MS student)

Spring 2013 Lab Photo

Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Matthew Venesky (Postdoc), Suzanne Young (PhD candidate), Brittany Sears (PhD candidate), Nicole Ortega (PhD candidate), Neal Halstead (PhD candidate), Scott Bessler (Technician), Jenise Brown (MS candidate), Taegan McMahon (PhD candidate), Jeremy Cohen (PhD candidate)

2012 Lab Photo

Back row: Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Matthew Venesky (Postdoc), Neal Halstead (PhD candidate), Jenise Brown (MS candidate), Jeremy Cohen (PhD candidate), Nicole Ortega (MS candidate); Front row: Brittany Sears (PhD candidate), Suzanne Young (PhD candidate), Scott Bessler (Technician); Missing: Taegan McMahon (PhD candidate)

2011 Lab Photo

Back row: Jeremy Cohen (PhD candidate), Neal Halstead (PhD candidate), David Jennings (recent PhD graduate and now postdoc at Univ. of Maryland), Taegan McMahon (PhD candidate); Second row: Jason Rohr (Lab PI), Matthew Venesky (Postdoc), Brittany Sears (PhD candidate), Jenise Brown (MS candidate); Front row: Nicole Ortega (MS candidate)

newt with parasites
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