Maple Calculations of Quandle Cocycle Knot Invariants

This page gives links to the output of various cases of quandle cocycle knot invariants that were calculated with Maple. Each section will explain the notation used as well as the idea behind the particular case. The calculations performed with Maple are clearly limited. Most of the programs ran for knots with 8 or fewer crossing; however, some of them ran for knots with 9 or fewer crossings. Also, only small quandles were used (6 elements or less). In some examples we were able to use larger quandles with about 25 elements or so.

We used polynomial type cocycles discovered by Mochizuki, extended and studied by Kheira Ameur in her Ph.D. dissertation (USF, Dec. 2006).

Quandle cocycle knot invariants calculated with Maple for the following cases: