R S S P.

The Rural Social Services Partnership (RSSP).

Mission Statement.

The Rural Social Services Partnership is a partnership of community members and social service agencies that plan, provide, and integrate services in East and South Hillsborough County.


RSSP partners provide a substantial portion of the social services available to residents of the target communities and share the common goal of providing family-centered, culturally sensitive, coordinated services based on needs and strengths. Presently RSSP has a membership of 20 different agencies.

R S S P Members.

Bay Area Legal Services

Catholic Charities

Consumer Credit Couseling Service

Family Services Association

Healthy Start Coalition

Hillsborough Information Line

Hillsborough County Schools

Maternal Child Health Coalition

Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA)

Self Reliance, Inc
Center for Independent Living

State of Florida
Division of Vocational rehabilitation

USF-Louis de la Parte
Florida Mental Health Institute

Beth-El Mission

Child Abuse Council, Inc.

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

Family Services Association

Hillsborough County Action Center

Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation

Hispanic Services Council

Mental Health Care

Ruskin Civic Association (RCA)

The Spring of Tampa Bay

Strategic Leadership

Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA

Comprehensive Youth Development

Three Success Centers serving children ages 6-12 and youth ages 13-17 in structured after school and summer programs are provided by RCMA in conjunction with the YMCA at the Hillsborough County Recreation Centers in Ruskin and Wimauma and at the Iglesia de Dios in Ruskin (South County).

Contact Program Director: (813) 671-5264.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

DACCO provides substance abuse counseling and invtervention services to school aged youth and families (South County).

Contact Adult Counseling Program: (813) 641-9240.

Contact Youth Prevention Program: (813) 671-5121.

Family Child Care

YMCA assists families to become licensed, home based family child care providers. This project provides both technical and monetary assistance (East & South County).

Contact Program Coordinator: (813) 275-9622 Extension 272.

Bilingual Capacity, Cultural Competency and Information and Referral

The Hispanic Services Council provides Cultural Competency training to staff of human service agencies in the area as well as bilingual information and referral, assistance with accessing services and follow-up to those referrals (East & South County).

Contact Program I&R Specialist: (813) 876-7223.

Other R S S P Member Services.

Adoption Services

After School Programs

Budgeting and Credit Assistance

Child Abuse Prevention

Civil Legal Services

Cultural Competency Training

Family Child Care

Food and Clothing Pantry

Information and Referral

Self Reliance, Inc
Parenting and Life Skills Education

Substance Abuse Prevention,
Intervention and treatment

Adult and Community Education


Case Management

Child Care and Migrant Headstart

Clinical Counseling

Domestic Violence Prevention
and Services

Family Support Services

Immigration Services

Mental Health Services

Recreational Services and Camps

Teen Pregnancy and
Parenting Support

Funded by Children's Board.

Helping To Build Resilient Communities For Children and Families.

For more Information regarding membership or member services, please contact RSSP Project Manager at:

Tampa: (813) 224-9622 Extension 271
Ruskin: (813) 641-0608

Or by writing:

The Rural Social Services Partnership (RSSP)
110 East Oak Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602