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Optimizing the Shape of a Simulator

by Raphael Montalvo


Submitted : Fall 2011

CAE is a flight simulator company that both creates and uses flight simulators for the training of military and civil personnel in the use of different aviary vehicles. They develop these machines to simulate just about any vehicle and the environment the customers would ever need to use the vehicle in.

This being said these machines must be very precise and accurate and a lot of technology goes into just one of these simulators. For example the C130 Hercules that I toured is run by 10 servers, 6 dedicated I/O mainframes, 12 Visual system computers, and 2 motion and controls servers. My project will be to try and optimize the volume of one of these simulators so that there is a reduction of surface area while keeping the volume the same in order to reduce the price of creating the simulator.



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Advisors :
Fernando Burgos, Mathematics and Statistics
David Montalvo, CAE
Suggested By :
David Montalvo