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Band Pass Filter

by Michael Miller


Submitted : Spring 2011

The design of ac circuits that behave like frequency filters is an area of great interest for many engineers, particularly because it affects many fields that make use of signal processing. One of the types of filters used to achieve desired frequencies is known as the band pass filter. In this project one such band pass filter circuit is simulated given the equations of the circuit using Euler’s Method. Using these components an output voltage was calculated and plotted with respect to time to illustrate a voltage signal. In order to properly simulate a continuous signal ten thousand time increments were used. The output voltage signal was plotted at a range of fixed frequencies for the source voltage signal. After these signals were plotted, the amplitude of each signal was determined and plotted with respect to the frequency value used for that signal to illustrate graphically how the circuit simulation accurately depicted the behavior of a band pass filter.



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Advisors :
Leslaw Skrzypek, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell