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Optimization of a Variocyclic Water Purification Process

by John Collins


Submitted : Spring 2010

The problem statement asks how many rounds per cycle will maximize profit and what the maximum profit is for one year. All variables are considered in order to find the equation of the profit per year of the variocyclic process. It was found that the profit per year is equal to the equation -895.5n-22614/n+32910. With this profit equation, the number of rounds per cycle that will maximize profit is answered by finding the derivative of the equation, setting it equal to zero, and solving for n. This value was found to be 5 rounds. The maximum profit is calculated by substituting 5 into the profit equation for n, concluding that the maximum profit for one year is equal to $23,909.70.



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Advisors :
Scott Rimbey, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell