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Reaction of Sodium Hydroxide and Crystal Violet

by Andrew Wantland


Submitted : Fall 2008

The project assigned involved a batch reactor that determines the reaction parameters of the reaction between NaOH and Crystal Violet. In order to determine the reaction order the concentration of CV+ a reaction was performed and the concentration was taken at time intervals during the experiment. Because OH is in such excess, it is considered a constant in the reaction. To solve this problem the vales of the Concentration of CV+ are graphed vs. time. Depending on the result of the plots the linear graph results in a determination of the order. Once the order of the reaction is found, the Pseudo rate constant is the absolute value of the slope for the linear line, which needs to be done for each concentration done in the experiment. You take the ratio of pseudo k



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Clayton Beardsley, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Gary Wantland, MWH Global
Suggested By :
Clayton Beardsley