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Glucose Level Model

by Kaitlin Kidd


Submitted : Fall 2013

The goal of this study was to establish a mathematical model that could be used to estimate the blood glucose levels of an individual after the consumption of a meal. By manipulating equations that represent metabolic processes using calculus techniques such as the separation of variables and the integration of first order differential equations, a function was created to establish a relationship between blood glucose concentrations with respect to time. The function aided in determining a maximum glucose level at a certain point in time. The model created was used to analyze two different cases where the maximum glucose level could not be exceeded, while the amount of carbohydrates in the meal consumed and the glycemic index varied for each case, while all other variables remained constant.

The results from the project suggest that there are multiple methods of regulating blood glucose levels for any given meal consumed. It is possible for an individual to both calculate and control their glucose levels by considering different elements of their meal and being aware of how these values affect their blood glucose level at a given time. By lowering the amount of carbohydrates consumed or lowering the glycemic index, one can prevent the risk of excess glucose in the body.



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Advisors :
Kanakadurga Nallamshetty, Mathematics and Statistics
Jonathan Burns, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell