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Specification of a Caliper Disc Brake

by Katarina Moller


Submitted : Fall 2013

The purpose of this paper is to develop the best inner and outer radius for a caliper disc break that will result in having a breaking torque of 600 N∙m. In order to find this first an expression for the total torque must be found. The best inner and outer radius will be when the torque is maximized. In order to find this the derivative of the torque expression can be set to zero and solved in terms of Ro. This can be substituted back into the expression for torque along with the given values for torque, friction, and Pmax to find the best dimensions. This yields a best outer radius of 8.369 and a best inner radius of 5.918 for the break disc.

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Advisors :
Brian Curtin, Mathematics and Statistics
Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Suggested By :
Scott Campbell