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The Women's Footware Store Report

by Stacey Anderson


Submitted : Fall 2011

Using information from the sales report of a women’s shoe store, I used a graph to illustrate the number of items sold. When the information from the Christmas of 2010 is left out, the graph shows a parabolic trend in the number of items sold per week, with the summer weeks being the most popular. It is possible that the positive summer trend could have been due to the increase number of tourists or possibly the economic boost of employment in summer jobs for young ladies who have little to no financial responsibilities. The downward trend of the fall months could be the result of people budgeting for the holiday season.

Although business in the store has not been great over the past few weeks, it seems as though online sales have been making up the business. As a member of management, I have seen a sizable increase in the number of returns from online purchases. The company has been offering amazing deals online and sending out email blasts to encourage customers to purchase quickly, while the deal lasts and the shoe they want is still available. These simple, “click and go”, shopping techniques have made it easy for customers to shop online and return in store, leading to a decrease in the number of items sold in the latter part of the year.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Josue Rivera, Bakers Footware
Suggested By :
Josue Rivera