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Competitors vs. In-Store Coupons

by Anthonette Cabili


Submitted : Fall 2011

Coupons are consumer’s best friend. Different face values and promotions reflect on savings and companies profits. This study is only in a particular Publix and the coupons are isolated to one Publix, therefore it is also isolated to Publix’s customers. We also assume that Publix customers will show a higher use of in-store coupons that with competitor coupons itself. This project of how Publix in-store coupons and competitor coupons show how much consumers can save is based on graphical and statistical data as well as formulation of equations such that of a regression (best line) fit using partial derivatives. This project consists of a study in a span of seven weeks including holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The empirical results show that Publix in-store coupons are widely used by consumers during check out compare to other competitor coupons. Because Publix accepts and combines coupons from these competitors: Sweetbay, Winn Dixie, Target and Save-a-lot, customers are able to save even more money on groceries. With graphical data, we are able to understand how much Publix profits and increases their sales based on coupons gathered from customers. During the Holiday season, increased used of these coupons such as a face value of $5.00 off or $10.00 off or maybe even $1.00 off and “%” off help show how much consumers save.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Brian O`Connolly, Publix
Suggested By :
Diana Mae Cabili