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Bacterial Genome Evolution into Human Population Growth and Expansion

by Janate Mara


Submitted : Spring 2011

There is a possibility that all life has spawned from a single celled organism. Knowing the origin of life can lead to finding disease cures and further experimentation. Human population increases as time increases but is there a possible end to the increasing? Is there an absolute maximum capacity that can be reached with humans and or other organisms? The lifespan of bacteria and humans are largely different but can be compared to find a link in human creation. Genome evolution will be touched on lightly The attempts will be made by finding simple algebra and calculus equations to be compared to the area of genome evolution and human population. Conclusions have been made to see that it is possible for humans to be created from simple bacteria and that the human population is increasing until a maximum capacity number has been reached.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Andrei Chugunov, Fortis College: Medical Sciences
Suggested By :
Andrei Chugunov