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Medicaid Transportation Analysis

by Jason DiRenno


Submitted : Spring 2010

This paper is a look at the Medicaid population using the free transportation benefit in the Tampa Bay area. The problem was to determine a general equation to find the Medicaid population at any given time (in days). We first started by researching the Medicaid population trends over a one year period. We found that on average the Medicaid population using this benefit doubled each week in the Tampa Bay area. We then found out how many Medicaid members either moved to another location or became ineligible for service over a one year period. We then used these numbers to build an equation that can be used by the transportation engineers to determine the use of this Medicaid benefit when determining a budget for the upcoming year. From there we tested it over a 30 day period and found that the equation showed a slight increase in the use of the free benefit and actual data collected agreed with this conclusion.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Bob Baerwalde, Transportation Management Services of Brevard
Suggested By :
Bob Baerwalde