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Go Green!

by Crystal Williams


Submitted : Spring 2017

Over the span of two weeks, two plants that are the same species, had their surface area of the leaf recorded. It was noted that each leaf on day 1, had the same surface area. For Plant A, it was located in a sunny and moist area, while Plant B was located in a dry and shaded area behind an apartment complex building. It was hypothesize that Plant A leaf would have a larger surface area, due to location. To determine surface area, difference of integration was used to calculate, based on the points on graph, were the leaf was traced on over the span of two weeks (note: data was recorded every 3 days). Based on calculations hypothesis was proved to be correct. This project is related to Environmental Science, in that due to photosynthesis, it allows oxygen to be released into the air. Photosynthesis can occur due to the chorophyll, which fuels the cycle, better the pigment equates to a more efficient cycle. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Roger Sheets, Tampa Audubon Society
Suggested By :
Roger Sheets