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Dog Crates in a Fixed Area

by Bryana Saroka


Submitted : Spring 2017

For this project, the objective is to come up with a solution that will maximize the fixed area by providing the greatest amount of crates for the dogs backstage of the Animal Actors on Location at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. I started out by using a linear Diophantine equation which is an equation where only integer solutions are allowed (1).  Based off the linear Diophantine equation, I was able to come up with an equation to fit my problem. The equation that I used to come up with the best solution was ka1+la2+ma3=L. The most crates that I received from plugging in different numbers of crates for each dimension was 26 crates. By receiving 26 crates from plugging in numbers into the equation, now the trainers at the show can house more animals and allow more dogs to have a home (2).

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Steve Murray, Universal Studios Animal Actors on Location
Suggested By :
Steve Murray