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NASS University Panel Surface Area

by Evan Wetsch


Submitted : Spring 2017

The objective of this project was to determine the surface area of a protection panel, housing multiple microprocessor relays and test switches, for the sole purpose of training. After reviewing the blueprint of this protection panel and noted the dimensions, I determined the surface area of the front, side, rear, top, and bottom views. I then calculated the surface area of the cutouts on the top view and subtracted it from the surface area of the top view. After all this was accomplished, I added all the surface areas together, thus, giving me the total surface area of this protection panel, solving my problem.


The solution I received, appeared accurate with the arrangement of the relays and test switches in the panel. I acquired the measurements of the relays and compared them to the dimensions of the panel. No issues were noticed.  

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Advisors :
David Milligan, Mathematics and Statistics
John Cason, North American Protection & Control
Suggested By :
John Cason
NASS University Panel Surface Area