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How Fast Is the Land Disappearing?

by Peishan Zhong


Submitted : Fall 2016

In recent years, interest in possible changes in the level of the global ocean has increased dramatically not only in scientific circles but also among the population. If one fulfilled the most pessimistic scientific predictions, the level ocean by the end of this century could rise by nearly 1 m. This threatens catastrophic damage to coastal infrastructure territories, home to about a billion people. Under some scenarios of climate change based on the results of numerical simulation, the global sea level may rise by 10-30 cm by 2030 and in the range of 30-100 cm (most likely 65 cm) to the end of the century.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Hiujuan Xu, Shen Zhen University
Suggested By :
Huijuan Xu