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Modeling Audio Visual Equipment Checkout Rates

by Erik Bernheim


Submitted : Fall 2016

The Digital Media Commons is a department at the USF Tampa Library. One of the services offered by the Digital Media Commons is audio visual equipment that is available for loan to USF students, faculty, and staff.  This project examines loan data from 20 Panasonic Camcorders loaned out by the Digital Media Commons in spring 2016. The purpose is to create a series from the week to week checkout information with a polynomial created with a least of squares matrix. The Digital Media Commons does not currently have a way to mathematically model loan volume data. The goal of this project is to create a calculus based method for Digital Media Commons staff to review past loan data, and to create projections on future loan volumes.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Brittany Self, USF Library
Barbara Lewis, USF Library
Suggested By :
Barbara Lewis