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Calculus in Farms

by Zachary Esteppe


Submitted : Spring 2016

­­Farmers have one of the lowest income jobs in the job industry even though there work is some of the hardest, however the increased availability of technology and education in the developed world has helped them save time and money. Instead of paying professionals to do their calculations, they can do it themselves. However in countries like India technology and higher education is not as easily or widely available as developed countries. In this report I am trying to create a formula that allows these farmers to do their calculations easily. Using a formula would allow farmers to save money, time, and can create more product.

         According to my calculations there is a formula that can help farmers reduce the amount of money and time it requires to make these calculations. Farmers will be able to just put in their initial values and get their final value with just the help of a calculator and paper.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Eva Fernandez, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Suggested By :
Eva Fernandez
Zachary Esteppe