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Storm Water Pond Drawdown Analysis

by Dustin Ballard


Submitted : Fall 2015

I was recently involved in a project located in Sneedville, Florida that consists of the site design for an administration (admin) building located on a small piece of property near the wastewater treatment plant. The proposed improvements require that a small stormwater pond be designed and constructed. The objective of this analysis is to determine the amount of time required to drawdown the proposed stormwater pond if the water level is at the top of bank.  This will ensure the pond can drain and handle the rainfall from the next storm event.  Using a control structure inside the pond with a Rectangular Weir and Orifice, it was determined that the pond was designed properly for the design storm event and that the pond would not overflow.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Shelby Hughes, Kimley-Horn
Jordan Walker, Kimley-Horn
Suggested By :
Shelby Hughes