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Applications of Calculus in Regards to C Programming and Graphical Rendering

by Joseluis Chavez


Submitted : Spring 2015

In pursuit of understanding how Calculus plays a role in Computer Programming I met with Chad Boston from MediaLab 3D Solutions who works as a Software Developer. He showed me a direct example on how a problem such as finding the sum of a cos(x) Taylor series can be solved using C programming. Then to also demonstrate a more general idea of possible Calculus application we went over the Monte Carlo integration methods and how that is used in graphical engines to calculate lighting within a 3D scene. These two examples give a better understanding of how direct mathematical use and theory can play an integral role in computer programming to create simple and complex solutions to problems developers face when creating software. In the end not only was an understanding of how calculus can be applied attained, but a deeper appreciation for mathematics in regards to computer programming.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Chad Boston, Medialab 3D Solutions
Suggested By :
Chad Boston