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Calculus in Industry

by Richard Valdez


Submitted : Spring 2015

Can a company look into the future? Although time travel isn’t possible the field of calculus is a great tool to predict profits, demographics, and trends. Calculus can be applied to many things in the field of business. Calculus is a crucial tool for big businesses and small businesses alike.

        When an establishment plans for the future, the company collects statistics to find an answer to a specific problem. That corporation can use calculus to resolve the particular obstacle at hand. Depending on their technological situations, they either use Microsoft Word Excel or MATLAB to generate a function from a given data set. The data collected provides that enterprise a general understanding of potential growth.

        Communication Concepts has collected data on cabinet installation for the past five years. These cabinets contain security cameras for CSX railways. In order to plan for future development, Communication Concepts analyzes a function generated in MATLAB. The data set will create a Sine wave function; once derivatives are computed, the data will predict at which month the company should start training new employees. Communication Concepts insures that the cabinets will be fully functional, and will send employees into the field to maintain customer satisfaction.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Jeff Kurkowski, Communication Concepts
Suggested By :
Jeff Kurkowski