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Neptunium Cascade Kinetics

by Kateryna Matiash


Submitted : Spring 2015

Abstract. The goal of this project was to calculate the amount of actinium, the last relatively non-transient isotope in the neptunium cascade, after 1 year in the series of radioactive decays of 237Np and its intermediates. These computations were done by solving known first-order linear differential equations and deriving the consecutive ones for further intermediates. The number of particles per million (ppm) for actinium-225 was then found as a difference between the initial amount of 237Np and the sum of all of the decay intermediates’ particles. Ultimately, the calculations involved substituting for the initial amount of Np and decay constants known from radioactive isotopes’ half-lives to calculate quantities of isotopes for each of the reaction’s steps.


Keywords. Neptunium-237, actinium-225, neptunium cascade, intermediates, successive radioactive decay.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Milton Johnston, Chemistry
Viktoriia Sabrekova, National University of Food Technologies
Suggested By :
Milton Johnston