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Is The Smart Car’s Rigid Frame Design Actually Safe? Let’s Ask Calculus.

by Ibrahim Harmouche


Submitted : Spring 2015



In this problem,we will use properties of Newton’s second law (F=ma) along with a series of derivation and integration to ultimately yield a correlation between the forces experienced by occupants inside a vehicle undergoing collision, the momentum produced and the collision time.We used hypothetical experiments along with proven inequalities to describe average force produced by collision.Through this, we will be able to conclude the effects/reasons for crumpling in a collision and exactly how safe the Smart car’s rigid body design is against high speed collision.The techniques and relations used to draw correlation between force, momentum and time are scientifically acknowledged;how these three factors dictate the severity of damage experienced from a collision will be determined.






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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Mohamed Yakni, HARCO Mechanics
Suggested By :
Mohamed Yakni