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Calculus in Auto Racing

by Gabriel Santana-Viera


Submitted : Spring 2015

Mathematics is an essential tool that can be used in everyday life. By quantifying variables, rates of change, and patterns, mathematics is used to predict and discover solutions to real world problems in engineering, medicine, economics, natural science, and even social science. Physics is another department that incorporates calculus extensively to acquire solutions of applied dynamic problems. In the sport of auto racing, calculus is widely practiced to calculate instantaneous rate of change and the total distance traveled by cars relative to their speed and time. In Formula 1, these variables become important to understanding the dynamics of the car as it circuits around the race track. Today, Formula 1 cars are equipped with extensive computer technology that allows complete monitor of the many dynamics of the race car at any point on the race track. The acquisition and transfer of this data from computers is called telemetry and is not a substitute for mathematical calculation, but is instead, a tool used to expand mathematically with the new acquired variables. This is how calculus is applied to the real world, auto racing.   



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Advisors :
David Milligan, Mathematics and Statistics
Joseph Foley, Physics
Suggested By :
Keith Young
Joseph Foley