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Fitness and Calculus

by Adnan Campara


Submitted : Spring 2015

At age 7 my father passed away from diabetes. Currently, 25 million Americans have diabetes and it’s getting worse. By enrolling in a gym and receiving the necessary requirements of physical activity, one can prolong their life and reduce the risk of diabetes. Through the display of many graphs, along with the Riemann sum approximation, we can determine the trends that men and women create when enrolling into a gym. Most trends are based on the time of year as well as the goal to build muscle and loss fat. Some people enroll based on other fitness goals such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle or preparing for a competition. These graphs have determined that men tend to enroll during the summer in hopes to loss fat and the in the winter in hopes to gain muscle. Women tend to enroll during the beginning of the year in hopes of losing fat. 



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Julius Williams, Anytime Fitness Center
Suggested By :
Adnan Campara