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Cortical Brain Volume Affected by Reactive Astrogliosis in the rTg4510 Mouse Model

by Frank Zamudio


Submitted : Fall 2014

A widely used pathological hallmark of the diseased central nervous system, high occurrences of reactive astrogliosis were present in the 12-month old rTg4510 mouse model's cortex. Quantification transpired by segmentation of glial fibrillary acid protein (GFAP) stained tissue sections that allowed for affected area calculations. Using these calculations, an estimation of the astrogliosis-associated cortical volume was obtained through both, the Trapezoidal rule Riemann sum and integration. The same procedure was followed for an age-matched wild-type mouse model to aid in comparison. The results were, at last, represented as percent of total cortical area analyzed.



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Advisors :
Dahomey Kadera, Mathematics and Statistics
Laura Blair, Molecular Medicine
Suggested By :
Frank Zamudio