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Volume and Total Erupted Mass of Volcanic Ash Deposit

by Daniel Wood


Submitted : Spring 2014

We will use the TEPHRA2 simulation tool from to create a synthetic model of a volcanic eruption. TEPHRA2 will use our input parameters to generate an Isopach map which shows thickness, or mass per unit area, of our deposit. With that data we will calculate the volume and total mass of the ash deposit so that we may compare the input parameters with our deposit map. Our comparison will be done by integrating the map thickness (mass per unit area) over the entire area of the deposit. There is no function to integrate, so the actual integration is done numerically and is approximate. After doing so, we will see that our approximated mass is lower than our initial mass parameter that we set in TEPHRA2.

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Advisors :
Vindya Pathirana Arachchilage, Mathematics and Statistics
Jonathan Burns, Mathematics and Statistics
Charles Connor, Geology
Suggested By :
Charles Connor