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Survival Analysis - Breast Cancer

by Minh Pham


Submitted : Fall 2013

In this study we used the parametric survival approach to analyze the survival time of the African American breast cancer patients. In many researches about the survival time of patients, Cox Proportional Hazard model, which is a semi-parametric method, is primarily used but this approach does not rely on the distributional assumptions. The parametric method is more consistent with a theoretical approach compared to a semi-parametric approach. We observe that the survival time of African American breast cancer patients follow the Weibull Probability Distribution. First, we fitted the model to represent the survival ability of the general population (African American women diagnosed with breast cancer), treating everyone the same. Second, we incorporate other patient-specific covariate factors affecting the survival time to predict lifetime of a particular patient, given that her information is fully known.

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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Ram Kafle, Mathematics and Statistics
Yu Chen, Molecular Medicine
Suggested By :
Ram Kafle