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The Fourier Transform: A Preview of One of the Fundamental Equations Involved in the Integrated Fiel

by Vincent Battistini


Submitted : Fall 2013

The field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance incorporates many sciences as well as mathematics; here, one of the fundamental mathematical formulas of the science, the Fourier Transform is explored and explained. The transform is responsible for interpreting and translating data acquired on a time domain by the instrument and converting it to information on a frequency domain that is used to produce the spectra most commonly used in the field. The spectroscopic technique and how it relates to the transform formula was first explained, then the transform was broken down into its individual mathematical parts, and finally combing the concepts and mathematical components, the Fourier Transform was derived.



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Advisors :
Vindya Pathirana Arachchilage, Mathematics and Statistics
Edwin Rivera, Chemistry
Suggested By :
Edwin Rivera