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S.S NEMO - Undersea Lab Shell Volume

by Maxwell Landes


Submitted : Spring 2013

During this semester a group of engineers were given an assignment to develop a long term underwater living habitat. During our time we invested our time into revolving around the idea of powering it using free energy from the waves and solar. But one of the things that we needed to provide was the volume of the material for the habitats shell. This became tricky because we were using curves instead of a square styled design. With the main body being a cylinder and the two ending pieces being curved edges instead of flat we had a problem. From there, being engineers and all, we came to the idea of using our more advanced mathematical minds to solve our problem. Calculus! We used the volume equations from our Calculus II teachings to find out our volume. We used Disc method to revolve our cylindrical shaped body around the x-axis since it was already laying horizontal in our diagrams. Then we used the disk method for finding out just what our two end caps where as well. From our conclusions the entire volume for the outer shell of our structure is.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Jeffery Landes, Neilsen Media Engineering
Jeremy Eisenberg, English
Suggested By :
Jeremy Eisenberg