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Finding Maximum Dimension for an Object to go through an Irregular Confined Space

by Juan Jimenez


Submitted : Spring 2013

To determine whether or not the art piece of certain lengths and widths will fit through a hallway (displayed below) into the USF Contemporary Art Museum gallery and how much area will the piece take, we will use simple calculus to determine the maximum length and width of any object that fits through the hallway into the gallery. Due to a previous attempt and the motivation of this project, we already know that the dimension of the work of art, a tank, of a length of 17 and ½ feet and a width of 5 and ½ feet, does not fit through the displayed hallway. After determining the restrictions at hand, we determined the maximum width by taking the derivative, with respect to x, of the area at question, to which afterwards started using drawings to determine what length will work with the width of 5.5 feet and the maximum width found.



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Advisors :
Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics
Shannon Annis, USF: University Galleries
Amy Allison, USF: University Galleries
Suggested By :
Peter Foe